What if being the black sheep was not that bad ?

Oblique Solutions is a French webmarketing agency

Study & Consulting

Analysis of your competitors, your targets and your services.

Website creation

Tailor-made with support.


Audit, optimization and gain of visibility on search engines.

Growth Hacking

The right tools and good practices to increase your visibility.
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Agence webmarketing Saint Malo

A breath of fresh air on your business

More than an agency that creates your website, oblique solutions advises you from strategic thinking and helps you in your decisions.

Whether in the implementation of your marketing strategy or your transition to digital.

Increase your economic growth

Once your objectives have been defined, we set up a strategy in agreement with them. Whether it’s gaining visitors, having more prospects, generating more sales … or simply becoming the leader in your sector.

Several tools will be put in place, at choice, we can train and support you on the management and monitoring of the tools. But we can also take care of all of your campaigns, analyze them, optimize them, and all that just for you.

Agence webmarketing Saint Malo

We have a lot more surprises for you

Always concerned to provide impeccable monitoring, Oblique Solutions offers you other services to meet your needs in line with changes in your environment.

  • User journey map creation
  • Design and follow-up of your newsletters
  • Google Ads campaign management
  • Creating your contents
  • Optimize your social media
  • Setting-up your CRM
Agence web marketing Saint Malo

They recommend the agency

“Oblique’s web and marketing expertise was a driving force in the creation and launch of Freebøoter Republic. Many thanks for your precious help.”

Anne Solenn PRÊTÉFreebøoter Republic

“Oblique Solutions was able to respond beyond the expectations of our initial specifications by warning us on certain points and advising us on others that we had not thought of.”

Charles VO KHAC MINHShapers Production

“The audit of my company and the advice given by Oblique Solutions allowed my professional project to respond to a request that I had never considered. I recommend.”

Pascal BRUMONTInoveco

Available in chat or email.